I'm interested in finding some prints like the one's I've posted below. Not necessarily THOSE pictures, but that style. I'd like to buy a few Ohio State framed prints (the larger kind) but they just seem to be so expensive. I've seen them in the neighborhood from $100-250. A previous manager and even my dentist have tons of these portraits hanging in their office/work area. My old boss just happened to hear a knock on the door one day. When he opened the door, there was a guy who had a trunk full of these kind of prints. He was selling them for about $50 each. I immediately thought that he was selling stolen ones (and he may have been), but I've heard a similar story from "door to door" salesmen selling these prints.

So, does anyone know of a wholesale approach to buying these? Any suggestions on where to find them cheaper than I've been finding them? Or, what's the cost of buying a large print and then having it framed somewhere...or even doing it myself with supplies from a hobby shop!?