I'm stoked for the Ryder Cup. Next to the World Cup, this is my favorite sporting event. I actually think teams are evenly matched and the US team shouldn't really be considered much of an underdog. Monty did us a huge favor by not putting Casey and Rose on the team.

I just watched the opening ceremonies and I've gotta say that Colin Montgomerie might be the biggest arse in all of sports. Everything that guys does or says just rubs methe wrong way. There are some sports villains out there that you recognize it's mostly perceptions and he's probably a pretty good guy. I used to dislike Lee Westwood, but I always recognized it was mostly based on a couple of comments here or there (I've actually grown to like Westwood this year).

With Monty, I don't think this is the case. After all the grief he gets, he still manages to be as arse jsut about every time he opens his mouth. The guy is just a geniune schmuck. I think this is actually rare, but he's as big a schmuck as anyone I can remember.