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BTW-I just got done watching the 30 for 30 movie on ESPN about the Red Sox's improbable comeback in the 2004 ALCS and to borrow a phrase that was used a lot during this movie...why the heck not us??! No one gave those guys a chance to overcome that bad defecit against a tough Yankee team, the 1990 Reds team wasn't given much of a chance vs. the mighty A's, the media folks counted the Reds out for most of the season, and yes, they're counting them out now but why the heck not us? This season has been so magical and memorable for so many fans and I just can't wrap my mind around why people can't simply say that anything is possible. Yes, the Phillies are an awesome team, yes they're the faves to get back to the World Series, but hey, this is baseball and ANYTHING can happen. I won't be disappointed at all if I'm wrong, this team has given me way more than I anticipated this season and I'm proud of them no matter what, but I totally believe in these guys and I think they've got a shot to take this series in four games. GO REDS.

How's that for a pep talk?! LOL :
It's hard not to respect that Red Sox team. I hate the Red Sox even more than the Yankees, but I respect the heck out of that team for what they did.

I loved Kevin Millar before game 4. "Don't let us win tonight..."