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I mentioned a day or so ago the Reds could have a game where the pitcher never bats this series (crazy I know)...so I like the thinking of this.

If I’m Dusty Baker, my innings plan for tomorrow goes something like this:

1st – 4th: Volquez
5th – 6th: Wood/Bailey
7th – 8th: Chapman/Massett/Rhodes
9th: Cordero

If handled correctly, the Reds can probably get by only having to let their pitcher hit once, and can ensure that they have a platoon advantage in nearly every high leverage situation they might face. Rather than looking for Volquez to match Halladay by pitching deep into the game, the Reds need to take advantage of their bullpen depth and the copious amount of off-days. Remember, relievers outperform starting pitchers almost across the board because they don’t have to pace themselves, so getting more innings from your relievers is a good idea if you can do it without wearing them out..
Love this strategy.

Reminds me of the "Relief Pitchers Only" idea from the early 2000s.