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It's also their responsibility to use discretion on what should and shouldn't be reported. Unless Favre is being accused of harassment and/or sexual assault of some kind, which has not been alleged in any capacity that I'm aware of, this isn't news and it most certainly shouldn't be any basis for investigation by the NFL. The league and everyone else needs to keep their noses out of where it doesn't belong.

Sexual habits of athletes should be off-limits. We don't really have the right to know what they do behind closed doors.

I don't care if Favre talks dirty, Grady Sizemore sends nude sexting pics to his girlfriend or Tiger Woods makes porn tapes. That's between them, their partners, and if applicable, their spouses.
There is a difference between what people are doing with their spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends/other consenting adults and what people are doing that happens to cross the line. Unsolicited photos of your stuff to a reporter is kind of over the line.

Of the things you mentioned, did MLB do anything about Grady? PGA with Tiger? How about Oden and the NBA? No, because it was stupid stuff that wasn't really anyone else's business. But when a player starts to look like a predator, yeah, they're gonna get involved.