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I just think that somewhere their is language written in a labor or franchise contract that probably gives the NFL an umbrella policy to police behavior that they view unfitting of the league. I see your point about individual employers, but I'm sure in order to field an NFL team, you sign paperwork agreeing to play by their rules. You don't like it...take your team to the CFL.
I said in an earlier post that undoubtedly the NFL has the legal right to do what they're doing, I just think they're abusing the right.

I tend to be a less is more, live and let live kind of guy. It's interesting because I dislike MLB and NFL for the opposite extremes. The NFL has taken a very hand-on approach to disciplining, too strong for my tastes. The Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreements, on the other hand, have empowered the Player's Union so much that the individual clubs are severely limited in disciplinary action they can take against a player for detrimental conduct. Almost to the extreme that they can't punish players without going through an awfully strict arbitrary process to do so.