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I watched the Deadspin video about the alleged cell phone seduction. If that truly was Brett Favre then they guy really disappointed me. I mean come on he is Brett Freakin Favre, he should have more game than that. But I digress.

What I am trying to figure out is if what he did was against the law. The messages weren't against the law. They may have been sad, depressing, and sorry, but they were not illegal. The issue comes down to the text or sext if you wish. It is my understanding that any adult can take a picture of themselves naked and that is not illegal. Any adult can text that picture to another adult as long as the other adult willingly accepts that text. So I guess the legality of the whole episode hinges on whether or not Jenn Steger and Brett had a relationship or not. To me it comes down to a he says she says story. And since it happened 3 years ago I see much ado about nothing.
They were also both employees of the Jets, so you have that to think about. If it was against the law, the cops would be involved.