My question would be to you, if Upton understands the strikezone better than Stanton does, what makes you believe that Stanton is going to improve upon his approach and lead to better numbers than Upton has been able to do thus far? In the minors, Upton had far superior K and BB rates than Stanton did. He did so in the majors at the same age as well and in the majors we even know how often he was chasing 'bad' pitches and Stanton is doing it at a substantially higher rate too.
A few things:

• Set up in the box (nice low center of gravity, nice balance)
• Swing path/full field approach
• Easy, easy power -- which will allow him to make adjustments without becoming much less of a threat

In all these respects, I like Stanton better than Upton. I could easily be wrong when all is said and done. But I'm fairly certain we'll see Stanton make more progress in years 2 and 3 than Upton has.