So I'm driving to work this morning (listening to 700) and on comes Mark Amazon and Scott Sloan. I don't know much about either of these two, but the first thing I hear is they are talking about the play Jonny Gomes couldn't make on the Halladay hit. Amazon goes on to say that it's not the fault of Gomes because he's not in there for defense. That he's really in there because of his bat and that he's way better defensively than what used to be out there (Dunn). This, of course, is met by approval from Sloan as they then begin to lament on the days of Griffey and Dunn. Saying Griffey and Dunn were so toxic to the clubhouse and now they have players that don't care what's on the back of their baseball card blah blah blah and that's why they are winning now.

He then laughs when Colin Cowherd is brought up and says Cowherd knows nothing about baseball or baseball statistics and he's just full of hot air (which I agree with, but just thought it was ironic).

It's really sad that these two are given a platform to further dumb down the common fan.