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I'll say it because no one else will, but the Phillies are so good, that no one was going to beat them. They come in with those 3 hammers and you just don't have a chance. It was a magical season, but we faced a team with hammers. Our pitching was suburb but there was simply overpowering. They didn't hit us much and if not for a ball in the lights and a phantom HBP, we'd be playing tomorrow. But we're not. This is a good team and I cry because it's over but can't wait for Spring Training.
I agree with this. I will actually root for the Phillies, particurally in the World Series.

As for the Reds, the pitching was good, and I think the Reds will get better. Rolen and OCab will be moving on, maybe not in 2011, but soon enough. Janish and Francisco will get their turns.

This experience will build the Reds up in the long run, like the 2007 sweep of the Phils did for them.

Thanks for an unexpectedly good 2010 season Reds!