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It could be bad with Zimmer or it could be great. I certainly don't get the LeBeau or Coslet impression from him.

I've seen enough out of Zimmer, HEARD enough as far as what he stands for both in life and in football, and seen enough as far as how his defense plays for him, to be more than confident to give him a shot at the head gig.

What's the down side? The Bengals still suck? L O L.

I don't think the players are tuning out Zimmer AT ALL. Big leap to say that if they're tuning out Marvin they're tuning out Zimmer as well. Big big leap.
Why? The defense listens to one and not the other? The defense hasn't played particularly well for him this year. Pretty much middle of the pack if not second half of defenses in the league.

In my mind EVERYONE has underacheived. For that the responsibility should fall on the top guy, but if we just elevate the coordinator when after his unit underachieved what's the point.

As Jim Valvano used to say, "If he knew all the answers why didn't he tell me."