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The Duke game in the final four IMO might have been vindication, in a sick sadistic kind of way.

WVU fans argued once the seeds came out that they should have been a number one seed over Duke. I didn't think so, but I did think they deserved it over Syracuse. The Orange faltered down the stretch and WVU won the Big East tournament. However, nobody wanted to deny two number one seeds to the Big East. It simply made the conference look better.
My argument now is the same as it was when it happened. Of these three teams, Syracuse and WVU had the strongest resumes, and that part isn't even really that debateable. Syracuse finished weakly, but beat WVU in Morgantown, so it wouldn't really make sense for WVU to get a 1 over Syracuse.

The same fans crowed over how they beat pretty much the same Duke team two years ago when they met up with them in the Final Four. Nevermind the fact that this team probably had revenge on its mind and completely dismantled WVU and embarrassed them in the biggest game in program history. And of course, the moment the heart was ripped out of the entire state when DaSean went down.

So to basically claim that you should have gotten a no 1 seed over that team (I agree WVU should have been a no 1 seed, just over Syracuse) and then get throttled by that team was pretty amazing.
The irony here is simply amazing. I've never in my life seen a more obnoxious and egotistical fanbase as the UK fanbase over that 48 hour period between the Elite 8 and the final 4. John Wall this, John Wall that, who's gonna guard Cousins, Patterson's gonna show you what you missed out on, Bledsoe is a first round pick and our 4th best player, WVU doesn't belong on the same floor as you guys, etc. There was a thread on the rivals college board just listing the quotes from the UK fans after the game, and none of them had the spine to show up after the game to back up the beating they had just taken.

You taking the stance you've taken as a UK fan makes no sense to me. Do you not find it all complimentary that WVU fans would have rather played Duke than UK? If I had to do it all over again, who would I rather play? It's still Duke! The odds of Duke shooting whatever the heck they shot from the field against WVU (and Zoubek demolishing any box out, and grabbing every offensive rebound on the few misses that they had) are minimal, just like the odds of UK going 4 for 32 from 3 again are minimal. Glad to hear you took pleasure in Da'Sean blowing out his ACL though.

As I originally said, I was not trying to rub anything in, but it's clear you had no such intentions, so I'll have some fun.

YouTube - WVU Basketball Team doing the John Wall Dance