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Sometimes I almost think the best way to deal with these problems is to develop 'anything goes' policies. Drop all the rules about amateurism in big-time college athletics, let's stop pretending there is anything 'pure' about it. There's almost no way to stop it. If someone wants to pay an athlete, let him. If someone wants to give the athlete a car or help pay his rent, so be it. What does that hurt?
I agree wholeheartedly, at least with regards to amateurism. I think as long as a player doesn't sign a pro contract, he should be considered an amateur. That includes allowing dealings with agents and boosters.

Now, the caveat is that I don't think schools should have any part in paying the players (unless it's done through an NCAA mandated revenue sharing plan to athletes, which is another issue). So if the school is found to have helped, aid or actually pay a player, or even be aware that it's going on by a booster and did nothing to attempt stop it, then penalize the school and coach (rather than the team).