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You really have a few different types of radio hosts.
1) The Know-it-all contrarian (Cowherd)
2) The local homers (every city has them, in Columbus we have Ricordati and Torgerson. They are small, petty, and boring)
3) The local beat writer/columnist turned radio guy (Daugherty, Hooley in Columbus)
4) The ex-jock
5) The "none of the above" don't bring anything to the table guys except a radio voice (like Coleman)

I tend to prefer #3. They are more informed than the others, know the local players, but aren't relentless and obnoxious homers.
The common man and the Torg are pretty entertaining if you ask me. A lot of local guys are. I don't even consider those guys homers. They're pretty critical quite often.

As far as No. 3, I also tend to lean that direction, though sometimes Hooley leans too far to the opposite direction of "homer." He's sometimes over the top with his criticism. But generally, I like guys that don't cater too much to the home crowd, so I agree in principal.