Per Baseball America. It's no surprise. How many times can a player be jettisoned from one organization? I really figure he's got to be considering hanging up the spikes now. I don't mean to sound so harsh, but he hasn't shown much since the Reds traded him. Speaking of which, I think this is kind of interesting:

2005 - drafted in the 3rd round by the Reds, pick #92 overall
2006 - traded for Kyle Lohse
2007 - Kyle Lohse traded for Matt Maloney, who was a 3rd pick by the Phillies, pick #97 overall

So basically, the Reds could've drafted Matt Maloney instead of Zach Ward, but instead, they drafted Ward and eventually got Maloney for him. In the meantime, they got a solid season out of Kyle Lohse, so things worked out pretty well.