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Two things:

A.) What I'm suggesting is a modification. A new member still joins the Sun Deck first, still puts in his time there, and still comes up to a vote to determine whether he'll join the ORG or not. All I'm just suggesting (or re-suggeting, actually, as this isn't my original idea) is we change who votes on him since it's become painfully obvious over the last several votes that apathy has set in with the vast majority of ORG. I mean, my goodness, Boss needs to send out 4 and 5 'reminders' just to get 1/6th of the ORG to vote on it's own new initiates.
I understand that. But perhaps we lower the number of votes needed? Or perhaps if we don't get the votes after a week, we go ahead with the vote as is? There are some people that take the voting seriously. I'll confess to not checking it as often as I could, but I do make an attempt to vote on every poll, and believe I've probably come close to doing so. It's probably a case where a lot of people just don't have a reason to check that board very often, so forget about going over to vote on it.

I think if we lowered the minimum vote amount, gave it one week for each poll, and perhaps let the mods do a preliminary "yes" or "no" on prospects, then we'd be A) voting on people that already were filtered and B) in a system that was quicker and easier on people.

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B.) I'd posit it isn't working. I even had a long-winded paragraph typed up saying why. But rather than subject you to that, I'll just ask this: where's Steel? and M2? Stormy? RedlegJake? Hell, even Cyclone barely posts anymore. Perhaps it's just a coincidence the site's best posters have all decided to rarely post, or worse yet have left altogether. Or maybe it's a glaring sign something ain't right and needs changed.
Boards change. I have never seen a message board where the same people stay around forever. Folks come and go. Those people are probably not around for many, many reasons, but I doubt very much how we vote on newcomers to the ORG is one of them.

Still, if we need to let a select few individuals decide on who gets in to appease some old-time posters, then perhaps the problem isn't with the system it's with the individuals. But as I said, I truly don't believe our voting process has much to do with why they're gone.

It's impossible to keep any community exactly the same. It changes with the times. Even if you keep processes similar, you're going to have turnover. It's understandable that we're talking about changing the voting process, but I don't think taking the vote out of the members' hands is the way to go.