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I'm not sure it's prudent to argue anyone that doesn't even have a true position defensively has more defensive value. Heck, Francisco has had just 20 chances in his MLB defensive career and made 2 errors already. That's a huge old sample size issue, but it does nothing to inspire any sort of confidence.

He plays a more premium defensive position than did Pena, but if he's not any good at it, it actually makes him less valuable because the position would give up more runs with a bad defender than the OF positions would do.
From where do you conjure this notion that he doesn't have a true position? He's played 467 games in the minor leagues and 452 of them at third base. And that's while being a teammate of Todd Frazier for much of the time. He won a Gold Glove in one of his winter leagues. Everybody who has frequently watched him says he has a great and accurate arm. The only issue I've heard about his defense is that he often has difficulty transferring the ball from glove to hand. You might recall that when Dusty was managing the roster, he stated that he liked having Francisco around as "a true third baseman," or something tantamount to that.