So I have Carson Palmer as my backup in my 12 team $$$$ fantasy league and just lost Romo for a while, possibly the year.I'm in 1st right now and have a really good team.I can't make up my mind on what to do about this, but I have options.Here's the deal.

My Team:

QB- Romo/Palmer


WR-R. White/G. Jennings/M. Wallace/D. Bowe/M. Williams(Sea.)

We start a QB,2 RB,3 WR/TE.

The usual garbage is available to pick up at QB so I tempted to make a trade.I know I can probably get Matt Ryan for Benson or Bradshaw or as another option I could get Schaub for Mendenhall.This involves someone that has both QBs and that I know is willing to deal one of them after Ryans bye next week.

My question is, should I deal for one of these guys or just roll with Carson?