My team, which I'll post below, is in desperate need for starting RB's over the remainder of the season after being burned on my top two choices at that position (DeAngelo Williams and Pierre Thomas - the later of whom I finally gave up and cut yesterday). Despite that, I'm still 4-3 and have (or had) really good depth at WR, but next to nothing at RB. I proposed several trades that I thought were equitable for teams in need of a WR, but they were either rejected with no counter proposal or I never heard back before the deadline passed. Finally, I had one of them accepted, but it was the one I was least hoping went through: I trade WR Brandon Marshall for RB Brandon Jacobs. Obviously, I'm clearly buying high on Jacobs, and that's never a good thing, and I have no doubt that Marshall is the better overall player even after a subpar year to date, but as the below roster (before Jacobs) shows, I think it's clear I was desperate for a starting RB:

QB's (start one) - Kyle Orton/Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB (start two) - DeAngelo Williams/Cadillac Williams/Mike Hart/LaGarrette Blount (yikes!)
WR's (start three) - Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Steve Johnson, Mike Williams (TB)
RB/WR flex (start one)
TE (start one) - Brandon Pettigrew (I had Jermichael Finley but he's now on IR)
D/ST (start one) - Titans/Seahawaks
K (start one) - Matt Bryant/Nick Folk (the latter will be gone once Bryant's bye is over after this week)

Anyway, any thoughts on this trade, which I'm clearly having some regrets about, or for improving my team any other way would greatly be appreciated.