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This. I'm still debating with myself where I stand with this whole thing, but people are saying "Brian Kelly." This sounds like a task that, if anyone on the football staff would have handled, it would've been Kelly's assistant coach's secretary's assistant.

Let's say it was the responsibility of the assistant coach's secretary's assistant. If he didn't do his job and that resulted in an injury his higher ups will still share blame. Upper management is responsible for making sure lower management does their job. Sure, the guy that's low on the totem pole and actually dealt with that stuff deserves blame. But, the Head Coach, AD, and the university will also get their share of the blame too. And, when it comes to a lawsuit, that lower guy might not even get named cuz he likely doesn't make much money if any at all. But the coach, AD, and the university will definitely have money that the lawyer(s) can go after.