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Its going to go away in the sense that the NCAA is going to make ruling and end it.

I don't know what the NCAA will do because one has to assume that they know more than we know but right now Auburn is sitting where they want to be considering the story. I think they feel like this is not going to end in the explosion that many seem to expect.

We'll see.
That's got to be the most optimistic statement I've ever seen on the matter. When have you ever known the NCAA to "make ruling and end it." That's never been how they operate.

They gather. And gather. And gather. And deliberate. And deliberate. And deliberate some more. Then they rule.

If the FBI is now involved, as reported, you can bet they will milk their coattails for all it's worth.

This won't likely end well for Auburn. It's not going away and it stands a very good chance of getting worse.