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Perfectly fair take Eric.

Razor, I'm concerned this has taken a personal turn...as apparently I am going to be a marked man in other threads. I wondered about that when you made your "Jocketty guy" (which I really am not...I like what he has done though) remark lumping me with Eddabbs...Which I found strange. I harbor no hard feelings over this myself.

I guess it is just the respect of debate...I acknowledge and understand where you are coming from...but I disagree. I just sense that feeling is not reciprocal.

I do think Peyton choked in the SB. It's ok to say that about a team you like..i think the Reds choked in the playoffs...life goes on.
I was kidding about the Jocketty guy stuff, don't be so sensitive. I don't actually have the time to search out your other posts and harass you.

I respect your opinions in the debate. Like I said the only thing I've had a problem with is the "sensitive" or "riled up" stuff. I find that characterization annoying in a debate. It just seems you're dismissing my arguments as not being logical because you say I'm just giving an emotional reaction. I don't understand at all what was emotional about my argument on Dungy.

I am perfectly fine to say that my team choked if I felt that way. (I'm not sure how much I believe in "choke" anyway, but I guess that's another discussion.) I've watched nearly every Colts game for as long I can remember and I'm telling you Wayne ran one route and Peyton threw to another. You can disagree if you like but saying I'm making that argument simply because I refuse to say that Peyton choked is condescending. We've been through it before and I went through it last year and laid out some fairly sound reasons why I believe the way I do. I don't care that you don't agree but don't tell me it's because I'm blinded by my fandom. Or I should say don't imply that, because you haven't actually said it but it is implied.

I am interested to hear which current NFL coaches you like better than Dungy (and I do throw guys like Cowher and Gruden in there). I've given you a few who I like.