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Plenty of room can be made on the 40. Off the top of my head, Fisher, Valiaka, and Negron can be moved off.

And decisions will soon need to be made on Jordan Smith, Valliquette, and Thompson as well.
I can see Negron going off. I'd had a lot of hope for him before this season, but his production has dropped off a cliff. I don't see a whole lot of hope for him. Valiaka still has hope, Fisher is useful as an emergency reliever, and Thompson has performed well in the minors this year and was a great prospect until recently. They've all got cases to stay.

I don't know what happened to Jordan Smith. He looked good in his time up last year... I'd hoped for a lot more out of him. He could be off as well, though I wouldn't rush to a conclusion yet.

Isn't Valiquette on the 60-day DL?