Karen (LA): what do you thinke Mesoraco's defense behind plate?

Kevin Goldstein: He's fine back there, maybe even a tick above average. Scouts generally believe in the breakout.
Johnny (NYC): Juan Francisco is tearing up the AFL so far. I'm genuinely torn on this guy, he's got amazing power but horrific plate discipline. Is he Wily Mo Pena v2.0?

Kevin Goldstein: Actually, he's tearing up the Dominican League with the Gigantes del Cibao. If he doesn't change his swing at everything approach, I don't think he'll ever be more than a up and down guy.
Joe (Brooklyn): Chances Aroldis Chapman makes it as a starter? Can he stay healthy? His delivery is so fluid and easy-looking.

Kevin Goldstein: I hope he goes back to that role certainly.
Mario66 (Milwaukee): Did Alonso's second half lend credence to the thought that his previous lack of power was attributable to the hamate bone injury? If so, does he rank with the just below Hosmer crowd of 1B that includes F. Freeman, Morrison and Belt?

Kevin Goldstein: You mean the second half that included six home runs in 173 at-bats and three in his last 28 games? That one?
Bobby (Cincinnati): How should we view Todd Frazier after the year he had? He's playing a position with low value, even though he can handle the infield (well, not SS really anymore). He sucked at the beginning of the year, but then caught fire and hit over .320 for awhile. Is he still a top prospect, or doomed to be a utilityman?

Kevin Goldstein: Probably more B. than A. unfortunately.
MEDAFAP (CA): Jay Bruce is going to be as good in 2011 as everyone projected he would be three years ago, isn't he?

Kevin Goldstein: Like the chances. What's with all the Reds questions?
Johnny (NYC): So the Reds should sell on Juan Francisco NOW, is what you're saying? Could not agree more (if that is indeed what you are saying)

Kevin Goldstein: Sell him for what? My thoughts on him aren't exactly unique.
Reds Fan (Got no problem with the questions!): Billy Hamilton is the SS of the future in Cincinnati: True or False?

Kevin Goldstein: I have no problem with the Reds questions either. I think it's cool and I love the renaissance of baseball we saw in both Cincinnati and Dallas this year, I just wish Tampa had the same. Answer to your question is no, he's the 2B of the future.
Walter Young (Baltimore): My ass (and everything else) was bigger than Panda's during my playing days.

Kevin Goldstein: Dmitri Young says hi.
Juan (Arlington): the podcast! Does Neftali Feliz ever even get the CHANCE to start again? Or do they love him so much in the closer role that he's stuck there? Also, is that the route the Reds might take w/Chapman?

Kevin Goldstein: I get this one a lot, and the answer is the same. I, personally, would like to see him start. The Rangers, as I understand it, do not necessarily agree with my personal assessment. I think Chapman has a better chance at getting an OPPORTUNITY to start again, at least.
Joe (Cincinnati): Call me a homer, but how can CarGo win the players' choice award over Votto? Have these guys not heard of home/road splits?

Kevin Goldstein: Why does it matter? I don't care about awards as they change absolutely nothing about a player.