Has anyone else been watching any of the series 30 for 30 that ESPN has been producing. For all the garbage that ESPN puts out there sometimes this makes up for it. These shows are really worth your time to watch. ESPN has gotten 30 different filmmakers to produce a sports related story that has happened over the last 30 years,1979-2009. They go behind the scenes and get human element of the subject. I've just started watching some of these and have DVR'd some repeated ones. Yesterday I watched their lastest one. It was about Marcus Dupree who was a celebrated HS running back from the early 80's. It was two hours which is longer than most but some of best TV viewing I have seen in a while.
Some others I have watched are:
June 17,1994
Jimmy the Greek
The Red Sox big comeback against the Yankees in 2004
The beginnings of Fantasy Baseball
Tim Richmond,the NASCAR driver from the 80's. I knew hardly anything about him but was still a very compelling story.
Below is a schedule. Looks like they will be repeating many during the holidays. I know I will be setting my DVR to get a few of these.