Nice suggestion re: the Celestial. I lived in 'Highland Towers' while in Cincinnati and spent many an afternoon, evening, and more, in the Celestial Bar/Restaurant. Last time I was there, they had remodeled and I didn't particularlly care for what they designed but the views of the city were still sublime.

It used to be that you could sit in the bar at night and overlook Riverfront Stadium. When the Reds hit a home run the fireworks would go off and everyone would cheer! (This was before ESPN )

Anyway, great suggestion chileman.

BTW, you don't know how hungry you make me everytime I see your avitar! I was in San Jose, CA a couple of weeks ago and I made several 'pilgramages' to the 'Flying Pig Pub' (which is run by a former Cincinnati resident and big Reds fan) for their (pretty close to authentic) version of 'Cincinnati Chile'. Still miss that stuff at 3:00 AM sometimes.


BTW, for my money, when I lived in Cincinnati, the best ribs in town were at Walt's Hitching Post. Of course, that's been some years ago so........