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Most of my friends from college grew up going to Clifton School, dodging Johnny K. and "Dr." Melzner, and sneaking into the Esquire (was it called that back then?). I always envied the life they had.

It was called the Esquire for as long as I can remember, probably forever. But it was closed down for several years - roughly 1983-1990 - and they were going to tear it down before a successful 'save the Esquire' campaign. When I was a small boy, it was a second-run movie theater. For example, it showed Star Wars about a year after Star Wars came out. With the advent of HBO and pay cable, second-run theaters became obsolete.

Now the theater is more of a first-run art house. I was hoping that the theater's website would have a history section, but it doesn't

However, there's a small historical timeline on this link. You might have heard about the controversy over its management company cutting a scene out of a movie and not telling the customers - which was in breech of its contract with the studio.


However, I don't think that's affected attendance. My dad - a UC professor - recently moved back to Clifton, and he says that attendance appears to be good.