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Really came down to Buford having a bad night at a bad time. If his last shot is three inches different the Buckeyes win. There's moments like this in every tournament. In 2007 they could have easily (probably should have) lost to Xavier in the second round and that would have been one of the most disappointing Buckeye teams of all time. And they could have easily lost to Tennessee in the Sweet 16 also.

Now this year you have Kentucky almost losing in the first round to a not great Princeton team, and now they've got as good a chance as anyone. That's the tournament.

Anyway, it went the other way this year for Ohio State. Hats off to UK, great defensive team. Not really sure how they lost so much in the SEC from what I saw against the Buckeyes.

Would be cool if Sullinger comes back, have to think they'd be a top 5 team next year if that happens.
One of Al McGuire's keys to winning in the NCAA's was that the last shot has to go down. In this game OSU's missed while UK's went in. That was the game in a nutshell. You have to have a certain amount of luck to win this tournament. This was one of those instances.
The reason UK lost so much in the SEC is that they just couldn't execute down the stretch in road games. Every game they lost was within six points in the conference. Youth was the biggest factor. They grew up just in time and have the exact opposite they were during the season.