I'm kind of struggling with my son's development in baseball. He just turned 10 and plays in the junior baseball organization for a city in western Hamilton county. He's been on the same team since Tee Ball, and where he has friends from the team and from his scholl on the team. Last year two new coaches (just player's dads) took over and it's all about their kids. One kid pitches every game and gets shelled but is left in all game.

I can honestly say my son at this point can't hit his way out of a paper bag, lol. BUT they have done nothing to instruct the kids on the proper way to hit.

I can also honestly say my son has easily the best arm/ glove on the team but they just stick him in out in LF and let him play 1B the last inning.

What makes it tough is that I don't have custody so we just have "weekends" together to work on his game. I'm going to start taking him to the cages this winter.

What are the other options in improving his hitting?

What kind of development/ competetiveness should be seen at 10 years old, etc.

I hate to move him to a different team, but I don't want another season of this. I have a hard time bringing this up to the coaches without knowing how it should be done at this level.

Thanks for any advice.