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I don't mean to pour cold water on what looks to be a pretty good recruiting class, but UC's Class of 2007 (this year's seniors) was similarly ranked pretty highly, as well, coming in. That class included Rashad Bishop, Biggie McClain, Larry Davis, Alvin Mitchell, Jason Henry (who never played at UC) and Kenny Belton. Look no further than RedsZone if you don't believe me. Rankings mean very little if those players don't develop, as was the case with this year's senior class.
Indeed, it was a highly rated class. Here's how they've turned out.

Rashad Bishop - probably the best out of the class. Underperformed at times, dismissed from the team and reinstated for this year.

Biggie McClain - a project whose development suffered from injuries. At least he's no longer a stick.

Larry Davis - a complete failure of a player. Can't score, can't guard. I don't know how he gets as minutes as he does. Yet, Cronin keeps throwing him in there to disastrous results.

Alvin Mitchell - supposedly the most talented of the recruiting class. The question with him at the time was not if he was going to be good, but for how many years could UC keep him around. He turned out to be lazy and a malcontent, and soon found himself off the team for good.

Jason Henry - never played (as you mention) although I forget why. I think Darnel Wilks took his scholarship instead of going to prep school.

Kenny Belton - chronic back injuries ended his career. He still has his scholarship due to the medical issues but is no longer with the team.

So yeah, the class has been a total flop for many reasons. There was reason to be excited about the class at the time, but sometimes kids don't pan out...sometimes all at once.