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It's a consensus opinion that the REDS MUST have an ACE to win a World Series. That's not debatable.

It's also not debatable that as a small-market club, we don't have the money to sign an ACE as a Free Agent.

That only leaves picking one up via trade or bringing one through the entire draft process and minor league system.

Because of this, that trade gets made 10 out of 10 times, as we are still looking for an ACE.

We don't need a CenterFielder, nor do we need a Left-Handed Power bat that hits for average, too.
#1 Edinson Volquez was not an Ace at that time.

#2 The Team Traded Dunn and Griffey so why Trade the only Good Power bat that you would have control over for 5 more years?

#3 You all will bring up his All-Star 17 Win Season.

#4 Go check and see the Stat Geek WAR on both players over the same time period.