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I would love to see the big money nations of FIFA (England, Brazil, France, Germany, etc.) pull out of the 2022 World Cup and stage their own contest. Perhaps then FIFA would think twice about their corrupt little fiefdom.
I don't know if England would go for it, considering their bigger beef is that they were told they'd get the 2018 World Cup and ended up losing to Russia. Since both are in UEFA, England stands to lose quite a bit if they buck their own confederation. To boycott the 2022 World Cup and have it be meaningful, you'd have to get UEFA and/or CONMEBOL on board. The US and Mexico could probably go it alone without CONCACAF, since CONCACAF is run by the same kind of greedy swindlers that resulted in Qatar getting the World Cup in the first place. However, without a power conference like UEFA or CONMEBOL, you won't see much happening.

Another option raised elsewhere, forcing Sepp Blatter out as FIFA head, probably won't do much either, since his primary competition for the job is, yep, you guessed it, a Qatari.

I think the most likely scenarios that would cause Qatar to lose the World Cup would be 1) a major scandal comes to light, forcing FIFA to move the World Cup in order to save face and/or avoid legal consequences (it would probably have to rise to the level of considering FIFA a criminal organization); 2) political unrest in Qatar calls into question the ability to ensure the safety of visitors; or 3) the economics/practicality of building all those new stadia just doesn't work out, causing Qatar to give up as host.