For those who haven't been following this, a fight broke out during South Charleston's quarterfinal matchup in the playoffs and four players were to be suspended for the following game. The school filed suit against the WVSSAC and an injunction was issued, and South Charleston kept their four players and defeated Brooke County to play in the championship game in Wheeling on Saturday.

Brooke County has now filed suit and a judge has ruled that the championship game cannot be played until a state hearing takes place.

Three possible scenarios could play out:

1. South Charleston is allowed to keep their players and the one game suspension takes effect on another extra curricular activity such as basketball or baseball, meaning they are off the hook.

2. The players are suspended in which they would miss the championship game against Martinsburg

3. South Charleston would have to forfeit their win against Brooke which would send Brooke to the state championship in Wheeling.

Either way, this is an absolute mess. Curious to hear what my fellow West Virginians have to say (among others )