Ok, so the Phillies have a dominant rotation and that's bad. Of course, when they pitched a perfect game against us last year, it's not like they needed to improve a lot in that area. That said, two teams can come away relatively OK with this... the Royals and the Reds.

The Royals are obvious... Greinke's asking price just climbed even higher.

The Reds: We are arguably the only team with tradeable ML level pitching depth and there are now two teams in the AL that were planning on having one more SP. Assume one gets Greinke... the other will have 20 mill a year buring in their pocket. I think we can trade a starter plus Cordero in a salary dump and get a pretty nice return, though it might take a third team involved to match up the needs and wants. I think that maybe this is exactly the type of market-shifting tumult that IWWT (In Walt We Trust) was sitting on his hands waiting for.

So I ask you... WW(W)JD?