We've had a lot of movie discussions centralized into one location, but I've noticed a distinct lack of chatter about television on the board (which I presume most people own, considering how much complaining went on about George Grande's FSN telecasts).

Time to remedy that. Post here discussing shows you're watching, show's you want to recommend, and to discuss episodes of said shows.

I'll start with a huge disappointment: Top Gear - American Edition

I've been a huge fan of the original BBC "Top Gear" for several years now, and it pains me to report how awful the American version is. At it's best moments, it's a (shockingly) low-budget knock-off of the original and lacks any of the charm or sense of fun. The hosts of the show have absolutely zero chemistry with one another, and all of the witty banter that makes the BBC version so entertaining comes off as forced here. The only guy who feels "real" on the show is Adam Ferrara, and they don't let him do nearly enough. Instead, they've handed off the "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" interview to this personality-less hack who spends the entire show with an annoying "Golly, I'm thrilled just to be here on TV" grin plastered to his face.

The show is just crap. If it lasts a full season and gets renewed, I might check it out again next year to see if they've fixed any of the problems, but until then I'll just stick to Top Gear reruns on BBC America.