A quick introduction: I've been a Reds fan as long as I can remember. I was born just up the road from Cincinnati in Oxford, Oh (Miami U '90) and the Reds have been my team from the start. Moved away from the area about fifteen years ago but have still followed the team wherever I've lived. I've also turned into a bit of a baseball junkie in recent years and have followed the leagues in Japan and Korea and am following the new league in Australia this off-season.

Currently living in the Quad Cities area, so I'm surrounded by Cubs and Cardinals fans. As you can imagine, this past season was a lot of fun as I got to watch a lot of crow being eaten. Really hoping I don't have to eat any myself this season. For those who enjoy minor league ball, the Quad City River Bandits (Cardinals low-A affiliate) have a great stadium right on the Mississippi River and it's well worth the trip to come to a game here. If you're a Dayton Dragons fan, follow the team out here sometime - you can have a lot of fun watching games in the QC as well as Peoria and Kane County.

I've started playing ball again myself in a local "adult sandlot" league known as the Veto League. It's a fantastic way for guys who like to have fun playing baseball to get out and play with liked-minded people. The end of the season I got to play in the league's night game, a charity event at the River Bandits' stadium that has donated over 800 lbs of food to the local foodbank. I had my best game of the season and I'm looking forward to playing again this year. Here's a link to the league site if you're interested: http://www.thevlb.com/

Looking forward to the chatter this coming season!