Got this from Sheldon:

"Jocketty was just learning about the reports that Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez agreed to a seven-year, $80 million contract. Gonzalez finished third in the NL MVP race this fall, and his signing could affect the number that Votto reaches. However, Gonzalez is still a year away from arbitration eligibility and less established than Votto after his first season in Colorado."

Others go on to say how this could lay a framework for a Votto extension, although they all agree Votto should command a higher salary for fewer years. If we could get Votto for anywhere CLOSE to what CarGo received, then I will A) Be furiously happy B) Fall over dead and C) Buy season tickets. CarGo is getting ~$11.42mil/year over 7 years. Maybe Votto would be ok to ink a 5yr/$65mil deal. I don't think any of us here would be upset by that. At all. How high are you willing to go? I honestly don't see Votto signing for more than 5 years unless the $ amount is simply absurd (i.e., $17mil+/year)