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A couple things from that article stood out to me. First there was this: Perhaps that's a reason Lewis has always played well against the Reds, batting .415 (17-for-41) with two homers in 16 games. That includes a .350 average at Great American Ball Park.

If he can be one of those guys that gets a big boost from our ballpark, this could be a much bigger move than it appears at first glance.
...and then there was this from Fred himself:
"I'm improving with age. Every year, I find something to work on."

I've always heard he was a prima donna...this doesn't sound like a prima donna. Maybe they're confusing him with his predecessor in SF.
Like lollipop and pedro, I have a really good feeling about this guy too. I don't think he's ever hit his full stride...if he can do that this year, he may be more than just a platoon partner for Gomes.
I really like the potental of this move. I'm glad Walt went with Fred Lewis instead of Scott Posednick or Laynce Nix.

Often though, I find myself wondering if some of the lofty numbers put up by opposing hitters inside GABP in the past had more to do with our Pitching than the Ballpark it's self ?