OK...what do you guys think. There does not seem to be many open spots if any...my take:

C- Hernandez/ Hanigan
1B- Votto
2B- Phillips
SS- Janish/ Renteria
3B- Rolen
RF- Bruce
CF- Stubbs
LF- Gomes/ Lewis
OF- Hermidia or Heisey...........that would be 13 positional players allowing for an 12 man pitching staff.

Starters: Bronson, Cueto, Edison, Bailey, Wood or Leake
Pen: Cordero, Chapman, Masset, Bray, Ondrusek
which leaves 2 spots in the pen TBD.

Bets of the rest
Bats: Heisey, Alonso, Cozart, Francisco, Frazier, Valaika
Pitchers: Wood or Leake, Maloney, Willis, Lecure, Burton, Fisher, Smith, Valiquette.....and a true dark horse: Arredondo