Pitcher: Kyle Lotzkar. Monster stuff, but the potential for injury still scares me. I he could put it all together this year, I could see him jumping two, maybe even three levels this year, giving the Reds a top starting prospect in between the arms currently with the Reds/L'Ville and those in the lower level.

Honorable mentions: Brad Boxberger. Time to make a decision. Starter or closer. He didn't show that well out of the pen, but I'd love to see him evolve into a closer prospect who can challenge when Coco is gone.

Phil Valiquette. Cage that elephant. It would be very nice to see him get his control of that high 90s heater under control and make it that much easier to transition Aroldis to the rotation.

Position Player: Juan Duran/Kyle Waldrop/Jarren Matthews. The Reds have a lack of corner OFers with power. It would definitely be nice to see at least two of this trio to start stepping forward. There's still plenty of time for all three.