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Damon has a career OPS of .791 (.355/.436). The guy you described is closer to that than Ryan Freel (.354/.369).

But I'll keep using my comp til I'm blue in the face -- Shane Victorino: .279/.342/.428.
Actually that line was a best case scenario and at likely his peak. Those are Damon and Victorinos career lines. I also added a line though that I think he is most likely to attain .270/.330/.390 which is more comparable to Freel. In fact now that you added Freels numbers I think maybe I am giving Sappelt a bit too much credit in the power area if that is all Freely had.

We'll see how it turns out but I'd be ecstatic if he turned out like Victorino who is what Freel no doubt aspired to be, numbers wise. They are all the same type of player i.e. ultra aggressive guys with similar tendencies but Victorino is IMO just more talented and skilled.