All you pioneers out there who have given up the dish and cut the cable in an effort to save a few bucks I come to you for advice.

I've been paying a modest 75 bucks or so a month for DirecTV. I know many pay more and its my intent to shave that bill down greatly. I intend to cut the dish out entirely and perhaps try a few options available. I know there is the Netflix streaming that many of you have praised in the thread discussing that. I've signed up for the free trial right now and have my old laptop hooked to my TV. After a struggle to get sound, I finally have the kinks sorted and have streamed a handful of shows and movies that way and the quality [while certainly not HD] is good enough for me and my wife. No choppiness, no broken images, just a nice smooth video.

I live in Louisville, so I get over the air channels for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and a handful of other channels that allow us to watch some of our regular programming.

What I'm looking for are options for other programs that we enjoy, either collectively or individually. I enjoy 'The Walking Dead' for example on AMC. I have 9 months or so until new episodes will return for that, but I'd love to be able to watch it somewhere close to its air date. She enjoys shows like are on TLC, 'What not to wear' for example.

So those of you well versed in this, what options are there out there for cable/satellite only channels shows or just good entertainment in general?