I mean no offense by the term "geek" by the way, because I absolutely am a major geek.

But anyway, I've thought for a while now that it would be cool if Redszone had a forum specifically for people to talk about science, technology, engineering, anything related to that really.

I'm a soon-to-be engineer and I know there are many other engineers on the board, as well as chemists, physicists, computer gurus, and also just tech buffs through experience.

I know the Non-Sports forum does provide a platform for these types of discussion, but most if not all of the discussion in that forum are related to music, movies or TV.

I know more than once I've been in the middle of trying to figure out how to accomplish a circuit design, or have just been thinking theoretically about certain things, and would love to pose questions on here to get feedback from other 'zoners. I've just been afraid a topic like that would quickly be buried in the Non-Sports forum.

Is this idea at all realistic?