Anyone been tuning in to these "Top 10 Right Now!" or "Top 100 Right Now!" or countdown shows?

They are getting me fired up for the season.

This week they had #'s 100-81 for the Top 100 players right now, and there were 3 Reds included:

#100 - Aroldis Chapman
#84 - Scott Rolen (or might've been #83)
#81 - Jay Bruce

Also, Rolen was on the Top 10 third basemen list, at #8.

Surprised and happy that Bruce and Chapman are both making a name. Chapman was admittedly ranked more for his potential than what he has done.

Also watched the Top 40 Arguments of all time, which included some fights... including this past year's fracas with the Cards. Was pretty gratifying to see it now, looking back and knowing that after the nadir of that series, it was all up for us and all down for the Cards. Let's hope that keeps up this year!