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Your tree can be replaced. Also, you did it to your own property.

If my neighbor has a super cool restored car, that he worked on for 10 years and takes a lot of pride in, the value is not just in the dollar figures associated with the car,(which would be significant) but in the value he places in that car.

If I went and stole the car, then drove it off a cliff, and then called him up to brag about it, there would be value lost. Not just in the assessed value of the car, but in the value he placed in the car which he won't be able to get back, and in the value of destroying the car for no reason other than malicious intent.

If the trees weren't valuable, he wouldn't have bothered to poison them.
I'm not arguing the rights and wrongs of the situation. The guy is a jerk, and what he did was wrong. What I'm saying is that it's a gigantic leap to say that because he killed a plant he doesn't value life and that it's a possible precursor to him attacking people. Plant life does not equate to human/animal life.

Is he an idiot? Yes. Is he a psychopath killer? No.