We haven't been able to say that in 15 years.

It feels really nice.

The confidence I have going into this season hasn't been matched in 20 years since the 1991 season.

That year we had very little depth to sustain any kind of injuries that might come up, and they did come up.

Eric Davis (thanks, Marge) only started 77 games.
Billy Hatcher started 81 games.
Joe Oliver started 90 games.
Bill Doran started 88 games.
Barry Larkin started 119 games.
Hal Morris started 128 games.
Paul O'Neill and Chris Sabo started 150 and 151 games, respectively.
They tried to make Randy Myers a starter (started 12 games and finished only 18, while losing 13 games and winning just 6).
Jack Armstrong's ERA ballooned by 2 runs from 3.42 to 5.48
The Relief Corps was simply terrible as a whole with no depth, whatsoever.

Going into this season, this team is loaded at every position. We could sustain several major injuries and still be battling for the Division Title in September. Even if Votto, Rolen, Bruce, Volquez, and Cueto missed half the season, we have players behind them who could step up and get this team wins.

Anything less than 90 wins this season, and I'll be shocked.