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Besides Big Bang Theory and **** My Dad Says what else is there?
Lesseee what else CBS has got....

NCIS 1 and 2
CSI 1-2-3
Criminal Minds 1 and 2
Mike and Molly
as well as Big Bang and ^%^% My Dad Says.....

and these are just the ones I watch, this list doesn't including stuff like Undercover Boss, Amazing Race, 60 minutes, 48 hours, Survivor, How I met Your Mother, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, etc.

since our favorite local news is on CBS also, our TV practically lives on the CBS channel......

2 and a half men stopped being funny when the kid got older, Dad turned into even more of a wimpy moocher, and Charlie Sheen started actually believing he was Charlie Harper..... it may still be rated the #1 comedy, but *for me* it jumped the shark a couple years ago.