Anyone else excited for this show? For those who don't know, A Game of Thrones is the first book of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, an epic fantasy series. HBO is attempting to turn the series into a television show, and Season 1 will cover the first book. The latest trailer for the HBO series is here. As a fan of the books, I have to say it looks almost perfect.

And in even better news, Martin has announced that - after an interminable wait - Book 5 (of a planned 7) - A Dance With Dragons - will be published on July 12 (shortly after season 1 of the TV show ends).

Without giving anything away to those who have not heard of it, the series basically concerns a series of political struggles and wars that take place in Westeros, a fictional continent in a world where seasons last for years. It is sometimes called Lord of the Rings for adults, but I don't really like the description too much, as I feel it cheapens both series. It is a fantasy series, but one that "feels" more realistic because, while there are some magic and supernatural elements, the story takes place in a world that is very grounded in a realistic political and social system. I am probably not doing the series justice, so I won't really try to describe it further, except to say that Martin has created really cool, interesting characters, and has told an addictive and highly entertaining story about them.

Let me put it in a way this board can understand. I have been a Reds fan since I was born, and I have to say I am almost as excited for April 17 - the day the series premiers - as I am for March 31 - when I have tickets for Opening Day. Wondering if there are any other fans on here.