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Ok, so if you were picking for the Bengal what players that were available with the Bengals picks would you have taken?
I am fine with the Moore pick. Addresses a gaping hole, that has been a problem since Madieu left.

I would have gone with Gabbert in the first here. Defensive Line is the riskiest position to draft in the first round. Everybody always thinks it is a safe pick, but short careers, and age robs the explosiveness. For every next Warren Sapp, you have the next Tommie Harris, DeWayne Robertson, Dan Wilkenson, Ryan Sims, and Amobi Okoye. The same superlatives that Dareus has thrown at him. People moan and groan about picking QBs but the payoff, is much greater for a longer period of time. If you can get the difference maker. Scouting and offensive scheme make all the difference. Gabbert has the tools, the smarts, and supposedly the intangibles.

Right now, I would take one of the North Carolina players. DT Marvin Austin or WR Greg Little. Both were difference makers. Both are high upside guys, the character concerns are the same with them as with AJ Green. And nobody seems to care there.