I'm in a 10 team 7X7(AVG, HR, RUNS, RBI, 2B, SB, OPS) Yahoo Points league with 3 keepers.
I own Jose Bautista, Carlos Gonzalez and Mike Stanton.
*Note* These players are owned: Hanley, Longoria, Votto, M.Cabrera, Cano, Braun, Hamilton and Pujols will be gone by #4 and the guy in front of me told me he wants Tulo.

I pick #4 here are my options:
AGone, Crawford, Wright, Utley, Mauer, Tex, Pedroia, Halladay and Holliday.

What about the second round?
Right now I'm looking at Rollins, VMart, Cruz, Kemp, Youk, Morneau and Kinsler?

So, what two plays should I consider?
Thanks for any help.